Heat 428
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 at 2:55pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Radomir Pashev [164] with Kathy Trice L-S2
2 Daniel Vasco [117] with Evelyn Lamden L-S2
3 Jason Daly [132] with Darlene Bloom L-S2
4 Gunnar Sverrisson [163] with Maria Matulaniec L-S2
5 Felipe Telona Jr [154] with Andrea Wishnow L-S2
6 Michael Neil [104] with Janet Bruttell L-S2
7 Vukosavljevic Aleksandar [352] with Lois Fein L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Bill Spitz [637] with Katie May Lee G-S2
QUARTERFINAL Clyde Klingman [500] with Jackie Kuka G-S2
QUARTERFINAL Esteban Cardenas [102] with Liz Conklyn L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Kelly Vuyovich [151] with Lynn Pye L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Stefan Dobrev [363] with Toni Tallerino L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Steven Mason [533] with Anna Harwood G-S2
SEMIFINAL Alosha Anatoliy [254] with Diana Best L-S2
SEMIFINAL Chris Johnston [125] with Julia Wang L-S2
SEMIFINAL David Alvarez [109] with Alison Allan L-S2
SEMIFINAL Justin Guilmette [355] with Vicki Mackarvich L-S2
SEMIFINAL Toby Munroe [279] with Carolyn Cattani L-S2