Heat 943
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 3:56pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Mikhail Avdeev [192] with Susan Jen L-S2
2 Joel Marasigan [178] with Margaret Loo L-S2
3 Dariusz Michalski [158] with Noriko Ide L-S2
4 Paolo Di Lorenzo [286] with Frances Yu L-S2
5 Oleg Suvorov [110] with Kayoko Suzuki L-S2
6 Nazar Norov [237] with Gloria Baker L-S2
7 Valdas Padriezas [115] with Carolyn Hays L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Alexandr Cherdantsev [371] with Barbara Ng L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Avi Lazarovits [684] with Erin Marie G-S2
QUARTERFINAL Bill Spitz [637] with Katie May Lee G-S2
QUARTERFINAL David Alvarez [109] with Alison Allan L-S2
QUARTERFINAL David Wang [709] with Lesya Sinitsa G-S2
QUARTERFINAL Erik Pali [325] with Edith Springer L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Jim Bakos [523] with Monika Dubovska G-S2
QUARTERFINAL Kirill Nikitin [379] with Lillian Wang L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Max Sinitsa [113] with Kay Tanimoto L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Rabih Timani [343] with Corliss Nettles L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Robert Nardozza [361] with Carolyn Cattani L-S2
QUARTERFINAL Slaveyko Baylov [153] with Wilma Young L-S2
SEMIFINAL Alexander Novikov [221] with Kathy Boyle L-S2
SEMIFINAL Daniel Tsai [510] with Inna Berlizyeva G-S2
SEMIFINAL Leonid Burlo [252] with Ibis Wu L-S2
SEMIFINAL Michal Towliszew [196] with Jacquelyn Hu L-S2
SEMIFINAL Serghei Pogonet [308] with Yee Kwam Lam L-S2
SEMIFINAL Tadas Jonyla [177] with Jan Duffy L-S2
SEMIFINAL Victor Veyrasset [119] with Yoshiko Mori L-S2