Heat 997
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 7:30pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Linas Koreiva [176] with Hye-Kyong Park L-C
2 Samuele Pacchini [304] with Connie Edmonds L-C
3 Artem Plakhotnyi [200] with Tammy Knight L-C
4 Giampiero Giannico [143] with Beatrice Wang L-C
5 Leonid Burlo [252] with Paige Riffle L-C
6 Dariusz Michalski [158] with Deborah Errico L-C
QUARTERFINAL Alexander Novikov [221] with Gina Hsu L-C
QUARTERFINAL Alexandr Cherdantsev [371] with Barbara Ng L-C
QUARTERFINAL Daniel Tsai [510] with Inna Berlizyeva G-C
QUARTERFINAL Evgeniy Mayorov [319] with Shirley Chan L-C
QUARTERFINAL Igor Colac [271] with Cathy Chao L-C
QUARTERFINAL Igor Litvinov [139] with Betty Diu L-C
QUARTERFINAL Max Sinitsa [113] with Mei Mei Chen L-C
QUARTERFINAL Mike Brown [609] with Anna Oblakova G-C
QUARTERFINAL Oleg Suvorov [110] with Kayoko Suzuki L-C
QUARTERFINAL Serghei Pogonet [308] with Yee Kwam Lam L-C
QUARTERFINAL Tadas Jonyla [177] with Jan Duffy L-C
QUARTERFINAL Valdas Padriezas [115] with Takako Trenholme L-C
ROUND 1 Aliaksei Labanau [184] with Janet Rodger L-C
ROUND 1 Avi Lazarovits [684] with Erin Marie G-C
ROUND 1 Bill Spitz [637] with Katie May Lee G-C
ROUND 1 Douglas Bailey [540] with Irina Gorshkova G-C
ROUND 1 Gianni Caliandro [330] with Kyle Brown L-C
ROUND 1 Rabih Timani [343] with Corliss Nettles L-C
ROUND 1 Tony Tang [585] with Lesya Sinitsa G-C
ROUND 1 Vladimir Sadovsky [306] with Irina Makarova L-C
SEMIFINAL Andrea Faraci [172] with Betty Lin L-C
SEMIFINAL Anton Koukareko [213] with Tina Wai L-C
SEMIFINAL Denis Kutepov [310] with Annie Chan L-C
SEMIFINAL Radek Wiatrowski [318] with Lisa Lowery L-C
SEMIFINAL Slava Stefanov [202] with Sue Ikai L-C
SEMIFINAL Victor Veyrasset [119] with Dagmar Richter L-C

Heat 998
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 7:54pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Erminio Stefano [145] with Celia Chou L-B
2 Sergei Kiselev [313] with Lily Chang L-B
3 Alain Doucet [188] with Beverly Moore L-B
4 Edgars Gasjuns [291] with Ling Ma L-B
5 Giampiero Giannico [143] with Bo Chang L-B
6 Mikhail Avdeev [192] with Michelle Peng L-B
QUARTERFINAL Alexandr Cherdantsev [371] with Christine Law L-B
QUARTERFINAL Bill Spitz [637] with Katie May Lee G-B
QUARTERFINAL Dimitri Mikulich [370] with Cecilia Che L-B
QUARTERFINAL Gunnar Sverrisson [163] with Suki Kramer L-B
QUARTERFINAL Igor Colac [271] with Julie Chang L-B
QUARTERFINAL James Coltharp [632] with Olga Chekhova G-B
QUARTERFINAL Jason Kaye [405] with Renata Kotyzova L-B
QUARTERFINAL Kent Berkey [347] with Sacko Takahashi L-B
QUARTERFINAL Louis Bar [341] with Lauren LaPointe L-B
QUARTERFINAL Oleg Rokshin [338] with Julia Oleinik L-B
QUARTERFINAL Paul Lem [694] with Sarika Hudson G-B
QUARTERFINAL Takeshi Kawanatani [513] with Lesya Sinitsa G-B
SEMIFINAL Artem Plakhotnyi [200] with Elka Hristova L-B
SEMIFINAL Denis Kutepov [310] with Julie Zhao L-B
SEMIFINAL Egor Abashkin [215] with Eva Fong L-B
SEMIFINAL Martin Reinbold [302] with Brynda Insley L-B
SEMIFINAL Serghei Pogonet [308] with Carole Simmons L-B
SEMIFINAL Simeon Stoynov [135] with Susan Sidman L-B

Heat 999
Friday, May 2, 2014 at 8:42pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Serghei Pogonet [308] with Jennifer Lee L-A
2 Raffaele Sabato [333] with Jenika Kalish L-A
3 Anton Koukareko [213] with Vinie Miller L-A
4 Nick Cheremukhin [251] with Ani Mkrtchyan L-A
5 Ikaika Dowsett [149] with Anya Lucero L-A
6 Andrea Faraci [172] with Rebecca Kuhn L-A
SEMIFINAL Ben Seifert [253] with Estefania Paradopulos L-A
SEMIFINAL Louis Bar [341] with Arianna Davidson L-A
SEMIFINAL Mikhail Avdeev [192] with Irene Lau L-A
SEMIFINAL Slava Stefanov [202] with Levina Kasmara L-A
SEMIFINAL Vitaly Tarasov [294] with Aliza Adler L-A