Heat 1184
Saturday, May 3, 2014 at 3:50pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Marcus Johnson [126] with Tanya Durbin L-A1
3 Lubomir Asenov [144] with Maria Ceva L-A1
4 Evgeniy Likhachev [292] with Grace Kuan L-A1
5 Hunter Stephens [231] with Leela Fazzuoli L-A1
6 Vitalii Proskurin [285] with Shawna Kasabov L-A1
7 Ilie Bardahan [421] with Lauren Mo-Sun L-A1
SEMIFINAL Andrei Kazlouski [328] with Chanel Kostich L-A1
SEMIFINAL Ben Seifert [253] with Estefania Paradopulos L-A1
SEMIFINAL Nicolae Colac [289] with Vivian Wa L-A1
SEMIFINAL Peter Edwards [275] with Devon Doddridge L-A1