Heat 1381
Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 2:18pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 D'Angelo Castro [769] with Amanda Carbajales AC-Y
2 Nathan Murstein [723] with Nicole Sheiman AC-Y
3 Kinsley Lin [618] with Michelle Yiu AC-Y
4 Aleksandr Borisov [656] with Masha Yakhkind AC-Y
5 Levent Sever [771] with Melissa Sever AC-Y
6 Jackson Bayhi [548] with Ashley Mattingly AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Brian King [763] with Nicole Stepansov AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Garen Mkhitaryan [605] with Elena Muradyan AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL John Swiger [774] with Arina Shtykova AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Kevin Sun [661] with Julia Moseyko AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Kristofer Poladian [564] with Anna Chalik AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Morgan Bauman [690] with Lilian Meier AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Toby Kamish [610] with Hanna Weiss AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Aaron Altman [525] with Rashell Khalfin AC-Y
SEMIFINAL K. J. Mills [583] with Jeneca Boss AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Lance Yasinsky [719] with Paloma Pronin AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Max Kozelchik [557] with Altahir Kozelchik AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Nikolas Constantine [556] with Michelle Balshin AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Zachary Lee [659] with Bernice Mau AC-Y