Heat 1377
Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 2:10pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Tyler Li [707] with Anjelica Lowe AC-Y
2 Loren Silverman [551] with Monet Pinkett AC-Y
3 Alex Bannykh [561] with Laurin Tiangco AC-Y
4 Antone Axten [776] with Jana Brown AC-Y
5 Daniel Voronel [779] with Masha Rapp AC-Y
6 Daniel Zhao [596] with Michelle Itkin AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Alexander Tihonov [667] with Milana Karetny AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Anthony Zeltser [721] with Donna Rapoport AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Aram Melik-Bakhsyan [590] with Jasmine Khdrlaryan AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Daniel Khijnink [777] with Marie Khijnink AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Joseph Akopyan [603] with Inessa Galstyan AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Oganesyan Hamlet [742] with Diana Melikyan AC-Y
QUARTERFINAL Robert Martinyan [614] with Mary Sargsyan AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Eric Mkhitaryan [575] with Tina Hovhannisyan AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Ethan Taylor [597] with Viktoria Podakova AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Ivan Sinelnikov [628] with Tallia Efraim AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Jason Labra [581] with Isabella Rickel AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Nathaniel Chen [588] with Grace Trpin AC-Y
SEMIFINAL Vladimir Zeltser [720] with Polina Zaytseva AC-Y