Heat 1515
Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 8:02pm

Placement Male Dancer   Female Dancer Age Group
1 Lonny Tsang [505] with Susie Tsang AC-
2 Donovan Hsiao [503] with Teresa Lee AC-
3 Hiroshi Kawanami [506] with Juliana Kawanami AC-
4 Anthony Sanchez Torres [528] with Marina Sanchez-Torres AC-
5 Charles Wang [539] with Betty Liu AC-
6 Eric Tung [514] with Lisa Dryer AC-
SEMIFINAL George Dao [635] with Vickie Dao AC-
SEMIFINAL George Jin [511] with Hetty Chang AC-
SEMIFINAL John Chen [593] with Jenny Du AC-
SEMIFINAL Liem Mai [710] with Lisa Mai AC-
SEMIFINAL Neil Richards [657] with Kiyomi Yamada AC-
SEMIFINAL Robert Fan [522] with Linda Fan AC-
SEMIFINAL Zoar Leggett [701] with Cheryl Leggett AC-